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Udaan 13th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Suraj teams with Ranvijay to kill Chakor

Udaan starts with Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) coming face to face as Chakor asks Suraj why he is still so oblivious to the truth when she told him about their child. Suraj says that he does not believe her and that Chakor is lucky that Imli has forbidden him to kill her otherwise he would have torn her apart. Suraj says thats he is just his enemy and nothing more. Chakor says that she has kept fast for him and he will remain her husband forever. She requests him to come for the arthi that evening but he refuses to do anything for her. Chakor thinks that she belives in her God and that Suraj will come back to her. Suraj sits burning Chakor’s posters as Rannvijay walks in and instigates him. Suraj says that he cannot go against Imli. Rannvijay tells him that he should be a good son and avenge his father’s death. Rannvijay goes on to add that Suraj maybe bound by Imli’s word but he himself is not. Rannvijay says that for the sake of Suraj and his pain he himself will take care of Chakor. Rannvijay asks Suraj to get Chakor to the hill that night and rest he himself will handle.

Suraj is skeptical about if Chakor will listen to him now that she knows he wants to kill her. Rannvijay says that Chakor will do anything Suraj asks her to as he is her weakness. Rannvijay says that this is going to be Chakor’s last mahashivratri. That night Suraj walks to Chakor with a dupatta. Chakor remembers how he wants to kill her. Suraj gets the duppatta and makes her wear it saying it is the same one that she wore for Karva chauth. Suraj says that he feels there is something more than hatred between them. He says that he sees vague pictures of her and asks her if she took a fast for him.  She says she did. Later we see Rannvijay hiding nearby as he signals Suraj and Suraj tells Chakor he wants to ask her some questions. He asks her to meet him on the hill that night.

Chakor says she would go anywhere with him and also answer all his questions. That night Chakor and Imli start the pooja as Imli taunts her again about Suraj being her enemy. Chakor gives it back to her saying atleast she knows where her husband is and Imli does not even know where her mad husband is. They do the pooja and later Chakor leaves for the hill. Chakor tells her mother that Suraj asked her to meet him and so she is going. Chakor asks Kasturi to hide this from everybody else as there are a lot of enemies around.

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