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Piyaa Albela 14th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Naren plans a Valentine’s day surprise for Pooja but not without a twist

Piyaa Albela starts with Naren(Akshay Mhatre) accusing Pooja(Sheen Dass) of doing something to his mother as he finds the rings with her and also Supriya herself is not in her room. Pooja asks Naren why is it that he always ends up accusing her and never seeing her side of the story. She angrily walks away as Naren follows her and they search for Supriya. They find Supriya fallen from her bed. they pick her up as Supriya screams at Pooja asking her to stay away from her. Pooja walks away as Naren asks Supriya how the rings reached the slab of the kitchen. She says that she had given them to the servant to clean. In the kutchen again Pooja tastes the parathas Supriya made and recognises the flavour of Supriya’s hands. Then she thinks that probably Supriya taught the servants to make this kind of food.

Naina is happily oiling her hair when Neelima walks in and fakes being all lovey dovey about her. She asks Naina to take care of Rahul from now on. Naina thinks that it is so easy for her fool the family. At the table Naren notices all the food and asks about it. Supriya says that Bua made them for him. Supriya then wonders who made the rest of the things when she herself just made the paranthas. Pooja watches from above and feels happy that Naren will finally taste her handmade food after so long. Naren sees Pooja come down and asks Dadaji to order something for her from the hotel. Pooja asks him not to worry so much over her.Naina awaits her fake Chacha chahi. They walk in and tell Dadaji that they just want him to hand over the properties in Naina’s name to them. Naina is shocked by this demand. Rahul and Neelima too are shaken while they try to dissuade the duo. Dadaji asks the family to let Naina herself decide for her own property. (Also Read: Pooja decides to fulfill the duties of being Naren’s wife)

Naren seconds the opinion and says that if Naian is ok so is he. Pooja and Dadaji are happy while Naina, Neelima and Rahul are all shocked. Naren feeds Supriya as Pooja walks away and Dadji is sad over her. Dadaji thinks that he will make Pooja return to Naren’s life. Naina shouts at the fake couple. The two though turn tables at her and say that she cannot stay at Vyas mansion after they are gone. Naina walks away angrily. The fake couple promises Pooja that they will work for her only. Anuj packs some poison to kill Naren and his wife notices this as she takes an opportunity to replace it with water. Pooja gets a surprise from Naren for Valentine’s day as he makes a romantic set up for her. Naren hugs her as she takes it all for real. But soon her dream is broken as she raelises that he is doing all of this for the cameras and media.

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