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Naamkarann 31st October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avniel and Ali manage to get Mishti out of Vidyut’s web!

Naamkarann starts with Avniel facing  anew trouble as the bluetooth system fails and they are unable to contact each other. Avni (Aditi Rathore) signals Neil(Zain Imam) and shows him Mishti who is hidden beneath the table. Some guards starts searching for Neil as he distracts them by dancing around. Neela feels worried about Avniel. Vidyut keeps a watch on the chair and thinks that Mishti is on the chair. The maid walks towards Avni and Mishti while Avni gets tensed but soon a dragon disguised person stops the maid from reaching Avni. He turns out to be Ali. Avni is surprised to see Ali and releved too. Ali signals Neil and Avni as they both are happy to see help. Avni imagines dancing with Neil as the moments from the past flash her mind. Juhi prays that Neil can gets her child back to her. Neil signals Avni to get the child and leave. Mishti drops the doll and runs back to get it. Neil sees her returning and also Vidyut turning. Neil takes the doll away and Avni makes Mishti sit back on the chair. Later once Vidyut is engaged Avni leaves with Mishti and Neil replaces the doll on the chair.  (Also Read: Ali saves Neil just in time as Avni has a plan to save Mishti!)

Ballu is returning back to Goa with Ragini. Vidyut thinks that finally his mother is back. A person says he wants to meet Vidyut’s child. Vidyut walks to the chair as he wonders why Avni is not around. Neil thinks that if Vidyut sees the doll now he would be alerted and Avni might not have managed to go far. Neil exposes himself before Vidyut in a bid to delay Vidyut. Vidyut recognizes Neil. Vidyut welcomes Neil and says he was waiting for him. Neil asks him why he does not want to talk now is it because of fear that his mother must be exposed before all. Vidyut still unaware of the deception tells Neil he will make him meet his child. Neil takes Vidyut hostage at a fork point. Neil says that Ragini is on the run and she is criminal. Neil says that Ragini has killed Juhi. Vidyut says he is unaware of his mother being in jail. He blames the police for removing his mother from the hospital. Vidyut tells Neil that he cannot do this to him without warrant. Neil tells Vidyut that he wants to talk to him alone. Somebody shoots and Vidyut strikes at Neil. Neil is taken at gunpoint. Vidyut turns to check on the child and realises the game now. Vidyut is enraged. Avni gets worried to hear gunshots. Ali looks on as Vidyut asks his men to find Avni and Mishti. Avni tries to go but Mishti asks her to stay with her. Avni remembers Neil asking her to save Mishti even if something happens to him. Avni hears men searching for her and decides to leave as she prays Neil and Ali are safe. Vidyut asks Neil where mishti is.  Neil asks Vidyut to shoot him.

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