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Naamkarann 12th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neil vents out his frustration on Avni as Neela is shocked

Naamkarann starts with Neil(Zain Imam) making Avni(Aditi Rathore) feel special on their anniversary as they spend some time together dancing. Avni brings out the saree that Neil had used to tie her to him and they hug each other. Juhi interrupts them as she screams seeing a nightmare. Juhi wants her child back and she hugs Neil as Avni becomes awkward and also the family. Next day morning Bebe and Prakash discuss about speaking to Avneil about Juhi and also getting a counselor for Juhi. They enter the house as they see all the decoration and get happy. Shweta is excitedly preparing for the anniversary party and also Neela walks in with Avni’s wedding gown. Avni asks the family if this is necessary right now. Shweta and Neela say that they will not listen to Avneil and this day is important and they need celebration. Juhi asks Avni if they are going and Avni promises they will go for sure. Avni tries to speak to Neela but she is very upset and refuses to listen to Avni. Neil takes Avni outside and tells her that he knows this is difficult for her. avni tells him that the family is upset and she does not know what to do. (Also Read: Juhi seeks Avni’s forgiveness for walking into Neil’s life again)

Neil and Avni see Neela keeping watch on them. Neela tells Bebe that she does feel for Juhi but she cannot overlook Avni. She feels they just need to accept the past and the present. Avni and Neil disguised as NGO workers reach the chawl. They start sending pictures as they see the children to Juhi who is at another place with DD. For once DD leaves Juhi alone and a balloon man comes there and gives a warning letter to Juhi. The letter says that she should stop searching for the child. Neil scolds DD for being careless and asks him to search for the joker with balloons. Neela and Shweta make the complete plans for the party as they wait for Avneil. Avni and Neil reach home and Juhi says she wants to go to the temple nearby and she wishes the couple. DD goes with her. Neil and Avni reach inside and tell the family about it. Shweta convinces Neil for the party as he gets angry to see all the excitement when their child is still missing. Avni tries to talk to Neil as he refuses to share with her. He gets very angry and walks away saying he cannot refuse to party as his family would then be upset. Neela hears this as she looks at Neil.

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