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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 30th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Parvati returns to being Shakti as Shiv calls out to his Gauri

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts with Shiv(Saurabh Raaj Jain) starting the story of Navdurga. He starts with Shailputri -Himavan and Nainavati’s daughter, who was a Devi yet born as a human. Parvati  (Pooja B Sharma) the reason and he says that only if one story ends the the next begins. He speaks about how before taking birth Kali showed her real form to her would be parents and reveals herself to them like never before. She takes a vow from the king that he would never stand against her intended purpose for this birth. The birth is shown as the king and queen take care of their daughter and dote over her. Parvati from childhood felt an emptiness even though her parents loved her. Matsyaparvati reveals that even she felt this emptiness. Shiv continues as he reveals how Parvati in the Shailputri roop was led to the trishul of Shiv and as she held it she took the name of Shiv, and realised that she was destined for this. Ashutosh then calls for Shailputri as Matsyaparvati projects her. He says that every parent should allow their child to pursue their purpose. Vishnu says the first phase is complete but Shiv is worried as this would make Parvati restless as she would feel a power taking form within her. (Also Read: Matsyaparvati grows into the same strong minded woman, Shiv and Kartikeyan find her soon)

Next he comes to the second form of Parvati, Brahmacharini where she was guided by Narayan. He says that man can attain anything if he or she wishes to. Brahmacharini form also projects from Parvati who sits there and Shiv thinks that now she would be peaceful. Suddenly Ashutosh gets up to leave saying she wanted to go before so he would rather leave. Now Parvati promises she wants to listen to all the stories. Ashutosh takes his seat but waits for someone and suddenly Himmavan and wife Nainavati arrive there. Shiv welcomes them too. Parvati asks how then did Brahmacharini get married to Shiv. The story continues as it is shown how Nainavati was skeptical about the wedding yet Himmavan consoles her saying this is the wish of Mahakali. Nainavati though faints as she sees Shiv in his form. Matsyaparvati asks why that happened and Shiv replies that this is the nature of parents to get worried for their child. Story continues as Parvati asks Shiv to change his look for the sake of her parents and Narayan does this for her. This form of  Shiv is called Sundareshwar as it was the best in the world. The wedding takes place as Parvati is called Chandraganta. The next form is Devi Kushmanda who is the the source of all energy and creation. With this Parvati starts seeing herself and also recognising her real identity. She sees Shiv in Ashutosh and is taken aback. Shiv takes a break and asks Parvati to take rest. Himmavan and Nainavati asks Shiv why Parvati is looking restless with each story and Shiv says that with each story she is getting nearer to the truth.

Marsyaparvati’s father hears this and seeks Shiv’s forgiveness for trying to separate Shakti from Shiv. Mahishasur fools Brahma saying whatever he gave was with his wish but now he wants to ask for the boon which being that he can be killed by a woman having the power of all the three Dev’s and not just Shiv’s shakti. Parvati asks to be able to see the wedding of Shiv and Parvati. Ashutosh fulfills her wish. Here she is revealed to the next form of Parvati that is of Shiv’s Ardhangini-Gauri. The next form is revealed by Parvati herself skandmata and Parvati comes into full awareness of herself. She remembers her Kaali form and everything that had passed. She remembers Kartikeyan. She reveals herself as Parvati once again. She then looks at Kartikeyan and tells him the next story that of taking the form of Kartikeyan’s mother. Shiv too returns to his form and Shiv and Parvati meet as tears flood Parvati’s eyes. Shiv says that he was a corpse without her. Parvati is confused that the stories were just six. Shiv reveals that she had created the stories so the rest three forms still need to be taken by her.

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