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Kundali Bhagya 12th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan’s career is ruined as Preeta blames herself

Kundali Bhagya starts with Karan(Dheeraj Dhoopar) trying to console  Preeta (Shraddha Arya) as she keeps blaming herself for him being in the jail and also his family suffering. Karan asks Srishti why did Preeta have to tell the truth to the family. Karan now worries about Preeta as he is tensed that he is in the jail and Preeta is facing the brunt. Srishti now leaves for home. Sarla lashes out at Preeta after she comes to know that they did not even get the footage. Sarla says that it is only because of Preeta that Karan is in the jail. Sarla also says that she trusts her daughter but also there is way of doing things. Preeta cries as Dadi asks her to take ladoos for Karan. Sherlin reaches home to find Prithvi all ready to celebrate with her. He tells her that he paid the security incharge for the footage. Later the bell rings and Prithvi says that he ordered champagne so they can celebrate. She goes to get the door when she is shocked to see Rakhi and Rishabh(Manit Joura).

Rakhi and Rishabh ask Sherlin to forgive them for whatever happened. Sherlin worries that Prithvi might come out. Preeta was upset that Sarla is still angry with her. Dadi says she will calm down by morning. She forbids Preeta to go to her right now and let her temper cool down. She sends Preeta to sleep, everything will be fine tomorrow.The next morning, Karan comes to meet Rishab with excitement. Prithvi comes out and sees Rishabh and he hides. Later Sherlin makes Rishabh says sorry to her as Rakhi forces him to. Sherlin is happy to have proved that Preeta indeed wants to break her relationship with Rishabh.

Rishabh hears the bell ring and opens it to find champagne order arrived. He thinks that why would Sherlin order for it. Rishab tells Karan that everyone in the family is tensed and everyone is doomed; doesn’t he care for any of them. He takes the responsibility to clear all accusations from Karan’s name and see him play again. Karan signs the papers.Karan walks around worrying about Preeta while his cell amtes tease him about being in love with Preeta. He keeps refusing and he sees Preeta walk up. She says that she was worrying over him and now sees him all happy and frolicking. She tries to feed him ladoo. He says he cannot eat the outside food. She then forcefully feeds him as Karan is again lost in her . Karan promises to expose Sherlin soon enough and also make everyone say sorry to her for having blamed her. Preeta cries away as Karan consoles her. Kareena doesn’t let Preeta follow Rakhi and tells her to get away from here. Preeta leaves.

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