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Kaalakaandi box office collection day 2: Saif Ali Khan’s film sees a slight drop in collection, earns Rs 2.45 crore

When the trailer of Kaalakaandi released, a lot was expected of it. That’s because Bollywood has rarely been exposed to movies of such nature. It belongs to the genre of dark comedy and the jokes need a lot of getting used to especially if you aren’t too interested in such things. But when the film released, it turned out to be an underwhelming experience, leaving the audience to make a decision whether or not they want to catch up with Saif Ali Khan’s ‘high’ adventures. Guess they haven’t really taken to the film. In two days, the film has only made Rs 2.45 crore.

Kaalakaandi opened last Friday on a mediocre note. Not that Trade was waiting for majestic numbers but a collection of a little more than Rs 1 crore cannot be called a great opening day numbers. Perhaps the fact, the budget of the film has been kept under strict control, might work in its favour. But to make the film at least get the return of investments, it has to see slightly better trending than it is doing currently. Much has to do with the way the film got reviewed. Our critic, Rajat Tripathi, found it to be a pointless adventure that everyone in the film embarks on. He writes, “First of all the advisory/warning by the government at the bottom of the screen EVERY DARN TIME Saif is seen tripping, was annoying to say the least. Yes, we get it, drugs are bad. One warning is enough. But this one is more on the guidelines set by government than the film itself. Coming to the film, everything that happens in the plot is so absurdly pointless. I tried my best to decode the film, understand if there is a subliminal message somewhere – but failed. The plot of the film just doesn’t add up. It’s a bunch of things happening to a bunch of people one fateful night. No lessons learnt, no life changing philosophies, no there-is-more-to-life-than-this-bull-crap – NADA! I mean give your movie some spine. ” (Read the full review here: Kaalakaandi movie review: Saif Ali Khan and a whole bunch of other characters go on pointless adventures)

Well, now you know why the numbers look like this…

If Sunday manages to see some growth, Kaalakaandi might just finish the opening weekend with at least Rs 5 crore in its kitty. Whether or not that’s good, is something we can only tell you once we get the three day numbers. That’s because those are crucial days for any movie to make or break it at the box office.

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