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On the other hand… | Tim Adams

It’s never been easy for people to change their mind. But in a world of social media and polarised opinion, the stakes are now even higher. Time for a listening revolution In the past week, the spectacle of the American gun lobby facing down the bereaved families of Parkland, Florida, …

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Justin Welby warns of divisive Brexit and crushing austerity

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for new narrative based on solidarity and resilience Austerity is “crushing the weak” and Brexit has divided the country, the archbishop of Canterbury has warned. In a dramatic assessment of the state of the country, Justin Welby said there is a danger of a “schism” in …

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Democrats defend Russia inquiry in response to Republicans' Nunes memo

Long-awaited memo by Democrats on House intelligence committee condemns GOP document as ‘effort to undermine’ investigations In a long-awaited memo released on Saturday, Democrats on the House intelligence committee defended official investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Related: Mueller investigation: Manafort accused of secretly funding European pro-Russia …

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