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Beck: Colors review – newly enthused heights and depths


By no means is this an average album. In fact, there is nothing moderate about it at all: Colors is extreme, featuring some of the best and worst songs that Beck has ever written. After the wave of melancholy that engulfed 2014’s Grammy award-winning Morning Phase – created after a traumatic spinal injury – he has returned robust and emboldened. Songs are energised and enthused; imagine Midnite Vultures frolicking in a kids’ ball pool, wired on echinacea-infused green juice. On the winning side is its title track, his ebullient Once in a Lifetime moment, propelled by a funky flute solo. There is also supreme, sassy guitar anthem Dreams, the existential majesty of Dear Life and Wow, basically Beck’s take on the Ying Yang Twins’ Wait (the Whisper Song) – without the rude bits. This astonishing run of singles battles with the quasi-reggae of No Distraction, or the Maroon 5-like Square One, on an album that’s as shonky as it is sublime.

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