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A letter to … my sister, who shut me out for no reason

The letter you always wanted to write

Growing up, you were always the sister I looked up to. You taught me kindness and forgiveness, curiosity and the right to question everything. You were my closest big sister, a surrogate mother of sorts. We all escaped the trauma of our childhood as soon as we could and, even though we moved to different countries for a time, I relished our frequent phone calls that comfortably rambled on for hours.

When you married and had your first child, I was the first one you showed the ultrasound to. I was the first of our family to hold my tiny niece, the one you trusted to mind this little person when you and your husband escaped for a few hours or, occasionally, overnight. I loved this little girl fiercely, and she loved me back. I taught her to dance uninhibited, to feed imaginary drinks to her toys, and helped her to overcome her shyness.

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